Bacon and egg breakfast quiche

I make these quite often for my Husband to eat for breakfast, They keep for a few days and transport easily for a lunch or picnic. I use a silicone bun tin which makes for easy turning out, you and use a regular fairy cake /muffin tin but you will need to grease it well before use.

You will need a muffin tin or bun hole tin,jug , eggs, bacon lardons,mixed herbs salt and pepper, mushrooms and spring onions-optional

You can fill these with anything you like, it doesn’t have to be precooked, ham works well as does vegetables like asparagus or salmon, just like you would have as a big quiche with a pastry base.

Grated cheese and double cream are optional but will add flavour and make the mixture lighter.
Chop the mushrooms and spring onion up small to fit in the holes in the bun tin.
Fry off the bacon mushroom and spring onions, add a drop of olive oil if necessary to fry. you can cut up regular streaky bacon , season with herbs and pepper, taste to see if you need any salt as the bacon will make it salty enough
Distribute the bacon mixture beteen the hole in the bun tin, fill them up to about half full as they do expand when cooked.
In the jug break enough eggs, I used 3 eggs for 8 quiches, (I would expect to use 4-5 for 12. I use the mixed size eggs so I will try to guess the volume in the jug depending on if I have small or large eggs) Add a good splash of cream, about 1 table spoon.
mix the eggs and cream together until uniform in colour
The bacon mixture should be cooler by now so add a sprinckle of grated cheese if using on to the mixture and use a fork to mix it through
pour on the egg mixture a little at a time, giving the mix time to settle to the bottom of the tin.
Use the fork to make sure the bacon and mushroom are all covered with the egg mixture, dont worry if some are fuller than others.
Bake in a pre heated oven for 20 minutes, they should still be very slightly wobbly in the middle when the come out of the oven and ,the eggs will continue to cook in their own heat. if you overcook them they can go rubbery.
When they are cooked they will be golden on top

Enjoy hot or cold, if warming them up in the microwave, don’t eat them for too long or they will taste rubbery

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