Cheese stuffed chicken breasts

You will need chicken breasts 1 per person, rashers of streaky bacon, smoked or unsmoked,its your choice, allow 2-3 rashers per chicken breast, your cheese of choice, i’m using some mexicana slices, blue cheese and some mini cheese portions because that’s what I had in, you could also use goats cheese or soft cream cheese like Philadelphia
Take a rasher of bacon from the pack, you will see its the same size as the knife
using the flat- not the blade of the knife press firmly on the bacon in a side ways motion, this will make it thinner
now the bacon has been stretched it you can see its a bit longer than when we started.
Put the bacon to one side and place a chicken breast on the cutting board and get a sharp knife. I’m using a filleting knife because it has a thin blade
Use the knife to make a cut down the thick edge of the chicken and go in a little way, but not all the way through to create a pocket for your cheese. repeat with as many chicken breasts as you need.
Take your cheese of choice and create blocks that will fit into the chicken pocket
once the cheese is in the chicken pocket and if you have time you can wet the edge of the pocket and put the chicken in the fridge or freezer not long enough to freeze but to cool it down and help to seal the edges back together
Place cheese filled chicken onto the middle of a 2/3 rashers of bacon and wrap tightly
Place wrapped chicken onto a backing tray -if you want less washing up use some baking parchment like me.
Pre heat oven to 180/gas 5
Cook for about 25/30 mins maybe a little longer if they are big
If you don’t chill the chicken and cheese down it will leak out, but I just scoop it up and serve it alongside anyway

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