Chocolate truffle fat bomb




There comes a time when you need chocolate, well you think you do, there’s  a good chance you really need magnesium. On a keto diet you can occasionally have good quality plain chocolate but be warned that there is sugar in all of them so having the whole bar is not an option. This recipe combines the chocolate with cream to create truffles that are delicious and can help to increase your fat intake if needed, it also make a good pudding replacement if you don’t want to feel like you are missing out on desert after dinner.

These are my favourite brands they are all at least 85% cocoa my favorite is the lindt 90% which has a smoothness to it
You only need 2 ingredients double bream and chocolate although liquids are measured in millilitres and solids in grams, they are for our purposes interchangeable. so you need equal measures of each in this case I am using a 100g bar of chocolate and 100ml of cream
Chop the chocolate into small pieces either by hand with a sharp knife or in the bowl of a food processor


A few pulses in the processor give you a nice chocolate rubble


Then measure out 100ml of cream, its important to use double cream for this recipe as it has a high fat content, you could also use whipping cream
You need to heat the cream gently in a saucepan
Do not boil the cream ,it will be too hot, it only needs to be warm enough to melt the chocolate
Prepare the tin for your truffles, You can roll them in your hands into traditional truffles but this is a lot less messy and better to portion.
put mini cupcake cases in the tray
To be honest this works better if you pour the chocolate rubble into a small bowl and mix by hand but I didn’t and added it to the processor bowl
As soon as the cream hits the chocolate it will start to cool and melt into a creamy chocolate sauce
Pulse to mix
do not over mix
I just caught this before it was ruined, it is a little bit too mixed and it wouldn’t have happened if I had mixed it by hand I was hoping that the processor would add air and give a whipped truffle but instead it nearly seized and went a bit too solid. If i had mixed by hand I could have controlled it and then it would have remained liquid
Using 2 teaspoons place the mixture into the cases, it can be poured if still liquid and it will set when cool
You can see how grainy these are and not smooth like they are supposed to be, but I wasn’t going to waste some expensive chocolate

leave to chill and eat. They can be frozen to extend their shelf life and that will also stop you eating the whole lot in one go.

If you haven’t got a mini muffin tin allow the chocolate cream mix to chill for several hours or overnight. then take small spoon fulls of the mix and quickly roll them in your hands to create truffle balls, or for a less messy option,  place teaspoons of the mix on to grease proof paper to create rough boulders.

You may also recognise this recipe as chocolate ganash and so it can be rewarmed gently to use as a cake covering

If you like spicy things then you could add a small amount of ginger or chillie to the mix.

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