Halloumi Fries

You will need, a pack of halloumi, olive oil , salt and pepper and mixed herbs if you like them
Halloumi has 0.8 carbs per 100g so there are less than 2 carbs in the whole pack.
Like mozzarella ,halloumi has water in the packet with it. remove the outer wrapping and discard the water. pat it dry with some kitchen roll.
Slice the halloumi into slices . You will not get that many slices from a block, do not be tempted to  cut them too thin as they will fall apart when cooked. Halloumi does not melt like most cheeses, it will hold its shape and remain firm.
My block cut into 5 slices
I cut each slice vertically to give me 10’chips’
In a small bowl pour a small amount of olive oil. no need for extra virgin oil.
Add salt pepper and a generous sprinkle of mixed herbs to the oil.
Mix the oil and herbs together
Dunk the halloumi slices a few at a time in the oil mixture
turn the slices over in the oil so the herbs stick to the ‘chips’
Place the coated ‘chips’ onto a baking tray. I use foil for easy clean up, but you can place directly onto the baking sheet or onto parchment.
Give plenty of space between the ‘chips’
Bake in a medium oven  180/gas 5 for 15 minutes until they are golden brown. if you want them to be brown all over turn them over during cooking. depending on how thick your chips are you may need 20 minutes.They can also be fried or cooked on the BBQ
They will be crispy on the outside and softer, but not runny on the inside
They make a great accompaniment to a burger and salad if you have any left over-they are very filling- they reheat in the microwave.


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