Homemade Pork Scratchings

Morrisons sell pork rind in the meat section of its supermarkets its very cheap.
Cut up the rind using a very sharp knife or a pair of sturdy kitchen scissors, these are poultry scissors and make easy work of the rind. they shrink when cooked so leave them in chunky strips.


You will need some white wine vinegar and some fine salt.
mix the salt and vinegar together
pour the salt and vinegar mixture over the rinds in a bowl, you want enough to cover the rinds so choose an appropriate size bowl as the vinegar and salt draw out the moisture from the rinds, leave them to soak as long as you can 1/2 to 1 hour is good, stir the rinds every now and then to coat them all
set your oven to 180, gas mark 5, moderate
Shake off excess vinegar mixture and line the rinds up on a wire tray ontop of another pan, like the grill pan. give them a bit of space
cook in the oven for about 20-25 minutes, they should start to crisp up and curl and the outside will blister
After about 20-25 minutes turn the oven up to full whack to crisp up the last few bits that haven’t already done so,this will only take another 10 minutes max.
They should look like this and if you cut them too small they will fall through the wire and not go as crispy. they may also ‘attach’ to the wires but just snap them off.
place into a bowl and eat when cool
make your own snack packs for lunch. they keep about a week.


    • Sue says:

      Hi Dave you could use cider vinegar or even red wine vinegar if that is what you have to hand, personally I wouldn’t use the most expensive ones as you are just going to throw it away after you have soaked the rinds.

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