Kefir is a probiotic. It is like yogurt and contains lots of friendly bacteria which are helpful to your gut. If you have a happy gut you have a happy body. Apparently its good for dogs too. Its very easy to make, the biggest problem on keto is that you can’t be sure exactly how much sugar is in it. but as the bacteria eat the sugar,I don’t worry about it too much as I feel the benefits out weigh the carb load. and its not like you will drinking a whole pint a day, its quite a sour taste.

Kefir grains look like a cross between cauliflower and popcorn for fairys .I got given mine and that’s because it grows and so before you buy some grains from amazon or somewhere on the internet I recommend putting a request out on your local fb page to see if anyone has any to spare.
Once you have your grains, place them in a glass jar, I’m using a kilner jar because it has a 2 part lid, but actually you don’t need a lid so any jar will do.
Pour enough good quality,whole milk to cover the grains,and leave it on the worktop overnight.
On top of the jar you will need a cloth or sheet of kitchen roll, you can secure this with an elastic band or use the jar lid from the kilner jar without the middle section.This is so air can get into the jar but not dirt and dust.
the lid fits snugly over the top of the jar
After about 24 hours it will look like this.
The milk has separated, and if you leave it longer it will seperate more.
When you want to use it, you will need a plastic,spoon,sieve and bowl. metal is best avoided as it can taint the grains.
use the sieve to catch the grains, 
and use the spoon to push all the liquid through the sieve, don’t worry about harming the grains they’re very tough to ruin.If you think they need a rinse pour some bottled water over them. Tap water is best avoided to rinse them as it can contain things like chlorine and heavy metals which could contaminate them.
Now you have a bowl of yogurt kifir to use as you wish.It will happily last a few days in the fridg and by then you will have a new batch.Now you just start the process again with the same grains and a clean glass and some fresh milk.

This is how I make kefir, using organic whole milk, some people swear by using unpasteurized raw milk for extra benefit and if you are dairy free it can be made with water or coconut milk, but as the grains need to feed off of sugar to survive you will have to add something to the non dairy options or it will die off.

If you are going away you can slow the  process down by putting the grains in the fridge and the cold temperature will stop them feeding and growing.

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