• What are net carbs?

Net carbs are the total number of carbohydrates in a food minus the amount of fiber contained in it. in The uk our food labels already show the net carb total, in the US the total carb content and the fiber content are shown for you to do your own calculation.


  • How many net carbs a day should I eat?

You should aim for 20g net carbs a day  and they should come from green vegetables to get the most vitamin and mineral content.


  • What are electrolytes and why do I need them?

Electrolytes are the term given to the mineral supplements we take to replace the ones we loose because this way of eating can be diuretic and flush a lot of our minerals out though our system . Our bodys need  magnesium , potassium and salt to function well.


  • What is meant by grass fed butter and is it available in the UK

In the UK we have excellent food standards for our animals and most of our dairy cows eat a diet of grass rather than grain, so you can eat any butter in the UK on a keto diet, or better still make it yourself.


  • My periods have got worse/heavier/ more frequent/less frequent on keto Why?

Estrogen is responsible for causing hormone fluctuations in ladies and this is made in the ovaries and stored in fat cells, as you release fat you release the hormones too, resulting in an overload to your system, this should be temporary and sort its self out, but you should contact a gp if you are concerned.


  • What are Fat Bombs and do I need them?

Fat bombs are a way of increasing your fat intake without the need for additional carbs, they are usually made from coconut oil or butter mixed with things like dark chocolate or cheese, and often have additional sweeteners added. They can be useful in the early days as you may need to increase your fat intake to get to your recommended allowance, or to take with you on a long journey when you do not know if the food you will get will be suitable. However it is worth pointing out that,it is not necessary to eat your full fat allowance everyday, some days you will be hungry and others days not so, be guided by your appetite and not because you want something to eat in front of the telly. They can be habit forming and stall weight loss so should be view with caution.


  • What is fasting and do I have to do it?

Fasting is going with out food for a period of time, It can be done as soon as you are comfortable and it should happen naturally, in that you will just naturally skip breakfast because you are not hungry, It is easier to do once you are fat adapted and are in a routine.It is common for people following the keto WOE to skip breakfast and eat their first meal later in the day. If they had their last meal at 6pm the previous evening and then ate  something at 12 miday  they would have gone with out food for 18 hours, this is know as 18/6 – you eat all your food in a 6 hour window between mid day and 6pm. Some people do 18/4 and eat their meals in a 4 hour window. Some people fast for 24 hours for a day during the week, during this time you should drink plenty of fluids such as water, black coffee, The idea is to stay under 50 calories and not trigger digestion.The idea is to allow your body to start the process of autophagy.   You do not have to fast on a keto diet plan, many people are happy to continue to eat 3 meals a day. Jason Fung suggests in his book The Obesity Code that it is beneficial for everyone to fast 2 weeks a year.


  • What is autophagy

Autophagy is when damaged and dead cells all over the body get cleaned away. It is triggered when digestion is suspended by the body, so this happens during periods of fasting.


  • What is Bone broth and why do I need it

Its also known as stock. Meat bones contain a lot of nutrition and a usually thrown away, You can use the chicken from your Sunday roast or Morrisons  often sell packs of bones in the meat aisle. roast them in the oven with a dash of cider vinegar if you have it until they are brown as it gives a better flavour, put them in a large pan,slow cooker or pressure cooker with some salt  carrots, onions and hard herbs and some bay leaves if you have them, cover the bones with fresh water, and bring to the boil and simmer for as long as you can, 24 hours plus in a slow cooker, 3-4 hours on the hob or 1 -2 hour in a pressure cooker.  Strain the liquid into a bowl and throw away the bones.keep any meat that falls off, drink when fasting for a long period to maintain nutrient levels

  • Is almond flour the same as ground almonds?

Almond flour is more finely ground than ground almonds but for most recipes they are interchangeable, if you have a very course  packet of ground almonds you can blitz them briefly in a food processor, but not too much or the oil will come out and you will make nut butter.Almond flour is available in Holland and Barret and is quite expensive, ground Almonds can be found the the baking aisle of the supermarket , bigger packs can be found,sometimes cheaper in the world food aisle.