Keto Scotch Egg

My husband like things that are easy to pick up and pack for lunch when he is getting ready for work in the morning,these fit the bill perfectly,He says they’re also great for a grab and go breakfast .

Like a lot of the recipes I post , you can add or remove ingredients if you don’t like anything as long as the main items stay the same I don’t give nutritional values as each batch will be different,and also because life is too short to count everything.


  • 1 egg per scotch egg required plus I egg to bind the mince
  • pack of beef mince approx 100g per egg,
  • Psyillium Husk
  • Ground almonds
  • mixed herbs,chopped onion,garlic -optional
  • streaky bacon or panchetta or ham slices

I use an egg timer that goes in to the pan with the eggs .It changes colour to let you know what stage your eggs are at and take out some of the guess work.
Put the number of eggs you are using into a saucepan of cold water with the egg timer and bring to the boil, cook until the eggs are medium to well done.They need to have solid whites but the yolks can be a little runny as you will be baking them later and they will get cooked more then so if you overdo them now they will still taste yummy but will be very hard boiled


Remove the cooked eggs from the pan and let them cool in cold water and then remove the shell, don’t leave them in the water too long or they will get that dark ring around the yolk. This is the way I found on line.Put the eggs in a plastic tub with some water and put on the tight fitting lid. and shake.
Now we need to prepare the meat coating for the eggs, put the mince into the food processor with your prefered flavouring, herbs,garlic powder, maybe some grated onion. and a tablespoon of ground almonds and a tea spoon of psyillium husk. and an egg to bind the mixture

If I was making non keto scotch egg or burgers I would add breadcrumbs to loosen up the texture of the meat So to make it keto I add ground almonds and  I add some psyillium husk and that helps to absorb any additional moisture.

Mix the mince mixture. The mixture can be mixed by hand if you don’t have a processor but it needs to be well mixed so that when you wrap it around the egg it the mixture sticks to its self well
To wrap the egg in mince,take a piece of mince a bit bigger than the egg that you want to cover.
Compact the mince in your hand and form an oval shape patty and use your other hand to make a depression in the patty

Place the hard boiled egg in the middle of the mince
Use your hands to bring the mince up around the egg.
Manipulate the mince around the egg
continue until the egg is fully covered in an even layer of mince
Place on one side while you cover all the eggs

Ordinary scotch eggs are covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried, but we can’t do that, you could blitz up some pork scratchings and use those in place of breadcrumbs but I’m not keen on doing that so I cover them in bacon and that ensures that the meat stays in place.

You can wrap the scotch eggs with any thing you like this time I used these slices,but I have also used streaky bacon
These slices are very thin and seperated by layers of film to stop them sticking together
Seperate The ham from the plastic sheet
Wrap the egg in the ham slice

You might need more than one slice of ham/bacon per egg. The little bits of spare bacon crisp up well in the oven. Put The eggs in the oven Gas5 180c for 40 minutes

Its possible that you will have mince left over so it makes sense to make some burgers or meatballs with the leftovers.

Make the mince into patty with your hands squash the mince together firmly
I use these wax discs from lakeland  to seperate my burgers in the freezer
Place your burger between 2 wax circles and flatten to make the burger shape. and store in a zip lock bag in the freezer until needed.

You could also roll small balls of mince and make meatballs.  Defrost be fore cooking, Fry off the burgers and meatballs and drop your meatballs in to a suitable sauce


  1. Carla says:


    These look perfect for my husband to take to work also.

    Thank you for the recipe and clear instructions.

  2. Maria Ferguson says:

    Just what I have been looking for, however i will try chopped onions/mushroom with the mince or bacon ! then roll in almon d flour ? it might work lovely recipes happy days !

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