smoked salmon, prawns, mixed leaves, avocado, lemon and olive oil dressing
Bacon, mushrooms and scrambled egg
Bacon avocado, fried egg
Salmon with hollandaise sauce, with asparagus, black kale and cauliflower rice
shredded Brussel sprouts fried with bacon bits with a cream and Dijon mustard sauce


Cheese stuffed chicken breasts
Lettuce wraps with coleslaw and meat


Beef stew with celeriac mash and cavelo nero (black kale)
Chicken and mushroom courgetti
Haddock Florentine, haddock on a bed of spinach topped with cauliflower cheese mash


Toms flatbread topped with guacamole and lamb meatballs


Mushroom stroganoff with kale


Steak with diane sauce and sprouts and celeriac gratin


Lamb shank with mixed greens


slow cooked beef short ribs,cooked in a bone broth for 6 hours with celery and herbs,kale and chard added near the end of cooking
Slow cooked short ribs,cooked in bone broth finished with kale and chard
avocado,prawn and mayo
homemade burger,coleslaw,guacamole with salad
fresh tuna nicoise style salad
breakfast fritatta, mushrooms,spinach,tomato and bacon
90 second bread sandwich filled with bacon and a cheese omlet